FWW / Epic Woodworking Shaker Chest of Drawers

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Finished with the Waterlox. Have a few things left to do:

Knobs -I am a little undecided here so any suggestions are welcome :P. The plan calls for knobs turned on your lathe with a 1/2" tenon deeper that the drawer front thickness both glued and wedged in place. I don't own a lathe so that was not workable. I got some good representations of the plan shape from Nice Knobs which have a 3/8" tenon only a 1/2" long. Wedging seems out of the question since the tenon is not long enough to poke out the back side. 

I have two approaches in mind. First thought was to drill deep enough for the tenon length + a little extra for glue and just glue them in. Second was to do the same and then use the centered hole in the back where the spur poked through to pre-drill into the tenon. Then the installation would be both glue and a screw from inside. When I did that on a test piece I cracked the knob when I hit the screw with the impact driver.

I am leaning to the second approach just without the impact driver :P

Dust dividers - I had milled these to a 1/2" thick when the plan called for 5/16". On one of my drawers the divider is just slightly below the bottom of the drawer rail and the top edge of the drawer back drags on it when the drawer dips down. I will sand the 3 divider bottoms closer to 5/16" and re-shellac them. 

Drawer bottoms - need to cut the 1/2" slots at the back for the screw (narrow drawers) or screws (wide drawers get 2). Also need to make some short/ thin glue blocks beveled @ 8 degrees to glue the front of the bottom to the back side of the drawer front. 

Top - need to drill for 10 mounting screws and install. 

Case interior and bottom - need to shoot a final coat of shellac on the inside and two coats on the case bottom.

The I can haul the carcass and all the internal parts and drawers separately upstairs to the bedroom and do the final assembly.   



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On 8/25/2021 at 8:05 PM, wtnhighlander said:

I agree that the glue&screw approach is a solid choice. If you really wanted to stay "traditional", it isn't too difficult to turn knobs on a drill press. Not the best way, for sure, but doable.

Thanks, drill press eh? :lol: Think I'll stick with my less than $2 a knob purchase. 

Anyway, shot some shellac inside and on the bottom tonight. Been a while since I have seen the dark underbelly. May get some of those nail in felt tipped glides to put in those posts,




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Thanks for all the kind words:D.

Finishing up the rest of the internal work. Drawer dust dividers thinned out to 5/16", drawer bottoms hide glued in at the front with a thin 8 degree wedge and at the back with a screw in a slot. Tomorrow I'll re-shoot some shellac on the bottoms of the dust dividers, move it all out of the shop and final assemble.



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