Advice on how to reseal large outdoor posts with a matte that were recently sealed with gloss.


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Aloha!  I recently hired a guy to seal a few large posts around a pool cabana asking him to match the ones on the main house lanaI, matte, natural color of wood. I'm guessing he just used whatever he had in his truck which seems to be a marine grade high gloss poly. I gave it a couple days hoping the shine would dull when dry but no such luck. It's been almost 2 weeks and still slightly tacky too. I know I should try and get him to correct it, especially for what he charged but sometimes you just want it fixed without a lot of hassle so going to do it myself. so.....

How do I go about sealing it with a matte? Do I need to strip off the gloss or can I paint it on top? Also, what do you  recommend for sealer?

Any advice is very appreciated. In the pics I'm posting, the first 3 are the correct, existing ones and rest are the ones I need to redo.

Other details, Poles are outdoors, live on the Westside on Maui so it's hot.

Mahalo! Mahalo! Thank you!








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Probably try just putting Matt over the top of that first.  Try a small area, and see how it does.  It may need light sanding first, but if it's still tacky, it probably will bond.  See if you can find out the brand, and type he used, and post that.

I spent some time on Maui, back in the '80's, when I used to do a lot of Windsurfing.  Sailed cats over where you are, and one day helped Deane Froome sail some Hobie 17's from Ka anapali to Oahu, after the Hobie 17 Worlds.

I know Maui pretty well, but even back then, the road traffic had gotten to the point that it was pretty severe.

If I didn't live where I want to here, I'd live there.

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I'll see if I can get the info. That's good news, was worried I had to strip it all first but will do a test patch. What sealant should I grab from Ace?

You do know Maui and nice with the windsurfing. It's been going off Westside. I was living part Haiku last year so got to see you guys out there a lot. I live Launiupoko area and yes traffic is a bit much but building the bypass helped out a lot. Just sailed a 65' CAT back from Oahu. it was awesome.

i appreciate your input. Thanks so much!



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That day was my most memorable sailing day ever, and I have a lot of them.  A big school of Dolphin stayed with us, for a long time.  They were all among the hulls of the 17's. 

It was downwind with Big waves.  The kind of waves where you look back, and all you see is the wake tracks of the hulls up the wave behind you, and can't come close to seeing the horizon.  We'd ride one wave for a quarter mile....FLYING!  They call them 10 foot waves over there, but here, we call them 20 footers.

A couple of the Hawaiian guys were dragging fishing lines, with lures on the surface, and caught a couple of pretty big Ahi.  They were going to cook them that night, but I had to catch a flight back to Maui, in a wet bathing suit.

There was a Big Dolphin that would surf back and forth between the front of the hulls of the boat I was sailing.  He'd be down under water, close enough to touch, if I didn't have to sail the single-handed boat.  He'd cut out under one of the hulls, go up to the top of the wave I was on, slide down the surface for a bit while he was catching a breath, and go down between the hulls again.  I lost count of the number of times he did that.  

We were going pretty fast, and when we met the school a little ways to one side of us, it was like being in an airplane, and seeing one going the other way.  A few minutes later, they were all among us, headed in our direction.  They probably stayed with us for 15 minutes.  I think we were good entertainment for them, and they for us.

I love it over there, and would have been back a lot more, but that's an awfully long plane ride from here.

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It sounds epic. That's the magic of living here, experiencing things like that. Sometimes too amazing to describe. When the dolphins bow the boat like that! Swam with my first whale shark the other day, about 45-50 feet long. And the whales..... I love them. 

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