Shapton huge price variations?

Stephen Prunier

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I've decided that I would like to add the #16000 Shapton Glass Stone to my setup. I realize that there expensive, but why is there huge price variations from vendor to vendor? I've seen the stone listed for as low as $132 to over $200. The accessories are even worse. I've seen the heavy holder selling for $59 to over $100! I know the demand is greater than the supply right now, but, these prices come from the top stores that we all use, and not eBay or shady outfits. Not being familuar with Shapton's prices I'm a little taken back. I often see a difference of maybe 10% on Norton, DMT, Sundries, etc. but what I'me seeing is a HUGE difference. 


To all of the members who are in the path of Henri, Be Safe!

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