Dovetail Issue – Tops not flat (need fix)


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I used my leigh jig to route some dovetails for a long box.  I checked that the ends were square, but I keep getting the issue where I am about 1/16″ up on one end all around.  Basically the top and bottom of the box are not flat.  I have attached some pics and a 3d image to further illustrate my issue. Note, if the top is proud 1/16″, the bottom of the same board is less 1/16″.  I’m thinking I was not perfectly square even though my engineers squares said is…not sure what happened.

Currently the box is not glued up.  Was thinking I could strike a line across the top and trim it off with my table saw (would have to make a jig to keep it square).  Anyone have a fix for this or a way to conceal it somehow.  I cannot remake it due to a deadline.  Thanks!







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This is common enough that many hand dovetail aficionados leave the carcass a little wild and plane things true with a hand plane. You could get by with sand paper on a long block maybe, if hand planing is not to your liking. 

That said, all boards must be perfectly square and true, and must be held squarely in the jig…so start by verifying that. 

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