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But freehand cutting a full log is a royal pain. I tried it on an oak that had to come down last year. Got a couple of 10' "boards", if you have a very loose definition of board. Also a slab about 3.5 to 4" thick, still drying in the garage. By the time I mill away all my crazy saw marks, it might be 2.5".

I decided to leave the milling to the pros.

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On 9/11/2021 at 1:34 PM, JohnG said:

I didn’t quarter saw all of this, but too bad. 

I was going to ask if you were going to cut any that way.  I can't get it out here but I sure like the look of quarter sawn sycamore.

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On 9/11/2021 at 4:34 PM, JohnG said:

Doesn’t have to be in your backyard, but I thought we could use a general thread on personal milling experiences and to show off your milling setups and log piles. 

A while back I got a couple sycamore logs from my neighbor. They’ve been sitting next to my log pile for a while, waiting for a nice day to mill them(the pile is mostly for firewood but I’m hoping to have a separate pile for milling soon).

I’m running a Stihl 084 that @Bmac helped me score. I’ve got a 36” bar and matching Granberg alaskan mill. 

I know people will complain that I didn’t quarter saw all of this, but too bad. 

Great job, How did that Stihl 084 run? I'm sure it made quick work of that log, or at least relatively quick work.

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On 9/13/2021 at 8:44 AM, Bmac said:

Great job, How did that Stihl 084 run? I'm sure it made quick work of that log, or at least relatively quick work.

It’s a beast. I thought my 271 cut through logs like butter but the 084 puts it to shame. I’ll look into a ripping chain or at least a skip-tooth chain for future milling but it made fairly quick work of this sycamore log. I didn’t time the cuts but overall the cutting time was much less than me moving the slabs and taking breaks. 

Once or twice it acted up for a brief moment, but the fuel in it was a bit on the stale side. I might check the carb just to make sure there isn’t some gunk in there. Otherwise it’s been running great.

I did manage to hit the chain brake on the log a couple times but now I know to watch out for that :P

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Using a skip tooth is nicer, I typically use a standard skip tooth with standard cutter angle and when I sharpen I try to take the tooth/cutter angle back to 10 degrees, basically converting it to a ripping chain during the sharpening process. 

There are other specialized ripping chains out there, most just have the decreased cutter angle in the teeth.  Granberg makes one with different cutter widths, I have found it doesn't make much difference. The biggest difference is having a sharp chain, you get a little smoother surface with a lower cutter angle, but not really an increase in speed. 

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I forget how long it is, maybe 5'. I should know, I moved it from the old trailer to our new bunk house this morning. Two grown men can set very comfortably on each side and one on the end. My old hunting camp had/has a 1959 house trailer on it. Three years ago a mouse got in bed, and bit me on the thumb. I told my wife I was cashing in my UPS stock and buying or building a new bunk house. It took three years, but last night we slept in the new building for the first time. Base board heat kept us toasty at 46* outside. I bought a 12'X40' garage package, then bought two skids of 1" thick interior Pine paneling 16' and 20' long. It's taken about a year and the inside is almost finished. It's close enough we will be staying in it for deer season this year. As ssoon as I get the new table pics uploaded, I'll post them.



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