What type/kind of woods are best?


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Hi everyone,

Just a general and very broad question here. What, according to you is the best type/kind of wood is good? I mean, woods which you think are best for your home? I believe there are various types of woods available and people different types of woods in their bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. So, what you believe is best and good woods in terms of durability and all. 


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The best wood is the one you like the look of and enjoy working with. The 2nd best wood is the one that you don't mind how it looks and you can afford.

It's a difficult question to answer as the wood you like the looks of, I might hate. There are also some woods that are better for some places (outdoors). In general any wood that has a relative janka hardness (750+) is more than durable for interior household work. Softer woods will work but may ding or dent easily.

Availability is a huge consideration. I could say Black Walnut is the best but if you live in New Zealand, you'll probably never get your hands on much.

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Not knowing where you live, but I would stick my neck out and say that the most popular amongst this group is walnut, cherry and maple. And there are other folks that prefer the white and red oaks. I think a lot depends on the color you are going for. 

And speaking of color, if you have a wife like mine that wants a project painted every once in a while, then poplar is a good throw down choice. 

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