Mounting wood to brick

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My wife wants to mount some wind chimes to the exterior of our house, which is brick. Rather than just mounting the chimes directly I thought it would be a better idea to mount some sort of replaceable short wooden piece (like a 1 x 4) and then attach the chimes to the wood. So that leaves me with how to mount the board to the brick. I've never messed with masonry screws or drills before so I picked up some self-anchoring blue tapcon screws from Home Depot. Using a test brick they seem to hold fairly well but they are loose unless really tightened down.

Anybody have any opinions on how to do this or screwing into brick?

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The mortar is much easier to repair, should you ever remove the chimes, but may also break out if you drill into a thin spot. Not every bricklayer is consistent with their mortar.

Tapcon screws are very strong, provided you follow the directions, drilling the proper hole and clearing it of waste. Far stronger than needed for a set of wind chimes. To be honest, before I drilled into the brick OR the mortar, I would test with a removable adhesive, like "Alien Tape". Chances are good that the first place you hang it won't be where your wife wants it ....

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