Jointer Decision: Powermatic 54A or Jet JJ-6CSDX

Ryan the OppyOppy

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Hello All,

New to the site but an avid amateur woodworker.

I am very lucky - my nephew is reasonably wealthy and has offered to purchase a jointer for me.   The offer was made as a thank you for a piece I made for his parents (see attached photo).  

I am trying to decide between the PM 54A or the Jet JJ-6CSDX.  Both are 6" wide, with tables that are approximately 5-6' long, and use knives instead of helical cutting head.  I'm limited to units that are 110V compatible.   Both units are in the 1200-1500 price range and support my 110 V requirement.  

I've checked on the availability of the Jet unit and they're telling me if I ordered now, shipping would take place in January.   I have not called PM as I would assume the same is true.  

I'm torn between which unit to request - regardless of shipping delay.   


Any opinions?





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35 minutes ago, Chet said:

Welcome to the forum Ryan.

Have you considered Grizzly?  They make some pretty decent tools for the money and have great customer service.

I cannot comment on other jointers as I have only had one in my time of wood working. I have a six inch grizzly and it has done me good for all of my needs. Sometimes I do wish the bed was a little longer, but to be honest I really do not have space for a much larger unit. I did upgrade once I had it for a while and got a helix cutter head to change out the factory blades and changed out the v-belt for a powertwist belt.  Ran much better and much less noise and vibrations after the upgrades. Good luck and you will love adding that tool to your collection if you do not already have one. 

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That's a beautiful piece you built!

I have the PM 54A and it's a great jointer, bought it used about 5 years ago for $500.  I just put the Shelix spiral cutterhead on it last year, as well. It gets used a lot and the only way I could make it better is to turn it into an 8" jointer. 

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