Planning Barn Door Build

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Going to grab the wood for this build tomorrow and hoping to get most of it done by early next week. I'm wanting to give each of the vertical "panel" boards some definition so that it doesn't look like one solid panel and am wondering what kind of a profile I might be able to route on the edge in order to give me that definition. Would a straight round over or maybe a fluted bit give me that look?

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2 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Add a slight chamfer to the corners of the t&g boards, that will provide plenty of definition.


3 minutes ago, Mark J said:

+1 on a simple small chamfer.  You could even use a block plane rather than a router.

Thanks guys. Clearly was overthinking this. I would have eased the edges with a chamfer anyway. Wasn’t thinking about that bringing the definition that I was looking for. Appreciate the wisdom.

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