Table Saw Blade is 90deg, but cuts are not square


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I'm having a hell of a time with cross cutting the ends of a 3" x 3" milled boards so they are square.  I've used a wixey angle guage and my eye+square to ensure the blade is a perfect 90 with the table. But each time I cut, it's not square. I've adjusted and adjusted to the point that I don't think it's the angle setting perpendicular to the table, but something else. What ever that something else is, I'm not sure and need some help. Other than blade angle, is there anything else that could be causing the top of the cut to be off.

In the attached picture, the base of the square is where the board was on the table, and the rule goes to where the top of the blade was cutting. The blade is raised to its maximum height.



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Never a waste of time on here, we’ve all been there. Adjust the Incra as you said till it’s right, also are you using the stop on the Incra ? Pieces like that have drifted on me when cross cutting, sometimes a strong grip isn’t enough and it needs a stop or clamp to the gauge, and welcome to the forum if that hasn’t been said already 

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