Shop Made Template Collar Router Base Plates


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On 12/5/2021 at 3:10 PM, wtnhighlander said:

Nice! Couple questions for you...

How deep is the BS blade reccessed into that jig? I assume you follow with a flush trim bit to match exact size?

Second, do you do anything special to avoid catches when you drill the plexi? I have cracked a few pieces when drilling, and it is very disappointing.

My notch is a fat 1/16".  This leaves about a 1/16" proud blank.  Yes on the flush trim to get an exact template match.  The only thing special on the drilling is that I touch up my bits whenever I am going to do something unusual.  I have a Drill-doctor for the twist bits and all manner of stones and diamond paddles for the other bits.  I feed at a slower rate than I would in wood.  It is a bit of a balancing act at the saw and the drill press.  Too slow and things melt together.  Too fast and they can fracture.  If the leading edge on the Forstner wasn't really sharp I could definitely see it grabbing the plastic and doing terrible things.  I wish I had a trick to share for it but I don't :(

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ShopNotes #116 is where I got the idea.  I added a second "nose" with a narrower tip since I do a lot of inside curves.   I used an old section of cold roll that I cleaned up for the vertical rods.  I recommend at least 1/2" for these as they take the lion's share of the force that may allow weaker stock to flex during use.  You do not want the tip straddling the blade to shift while in use :o.

The dimensions are flexible to make it fit your saw.  One important fit is that you end up with the base being where you can clamp down the jig without being in the way of the work.  Here's a couple pics of mine on the saws it was originally designed for.



You can see in the pics in the previous posts that it does not clamp as well to the Rikon 10" I now have.  The 10" pictured above is an older Delta.


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