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The closer the better.  I would estimate that 20 ft would be about your limit to be effective.  WIth a 1 3/4 HP unit at that distance. Be sure that you install blast gates in your system so that you can draw from just one machine at a time.  Keep elbows and flex duct to a minimum.

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7 hours ago, regal2000 said:

When you say external exhaust I am assuming it still will go through a filter but the discharge air goes outside is what I think you’re saying.

what is the typical discharge outlet size that you’re referring to.

Would I be setting this up on the same theory as a dryer vent


No, I mean discharge with no filter, but with a separater for the larger particles. I do this, and the performance is much better than with a filter. Nothing visible comes out the dryer vent (yes, that's what I use), unless I overfill the bin on the separater. The downside is that you must allow external air into the shop to make up what is drawn out, which kills your climate control efficiency.

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