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I need two 1 1/2” fluted columns for a project that I’m making . I’m planning to glue up four 1 7/8” pieces of cherry together into a square, turn them down to a 3” round stock, add fluting with a router, then divide them back into 1 1/2” sections. I saw a video on YouTube where a master woodworker glued the pieces together using hide glue and craft paper. He then divided them up into 4 separate pieces when finished . Has anyone of you done something like this before..?  Do you know of a better method..?

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I am not sure I am following you?  It sounds like you want to bond two boards together to create a wider turning square (the joint is parallel to the lathe bed).  Then you plan to turn this into a cylinder, flute the cylinder and then split that along the paper joint into two half columns. 

I've used paper joints and had some fail on the lathe, so I wouldn't trust one completely.  I would do the lathe work to one end at a time.  The other end I would wrap in stretch plastic, packaging tape or blue tape (in that order of preference) for security.  I would make the blank longer if needed to use the wrap technique.

At the risk of telling you something you already know, do not use any drive or live center with a point at either the head or tail stock, e.g a star drive.  The point will be centered on the glue joint and tail stock pressure will tend to wedge the joint apart.  I don't know what centers you have on hand?

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I don’t have a picture yet. I hope to have it soon. I’m employing a technique used by David Boeff when he was making quarter columns for one of his projects on YouTube (possibly the Oxbow chest). To clarify things better, I’m hoping to be able to split the completed column into four equal quarters using a chisel when finished. The suggestion about using the plastic wrap or tape is a good one, thanks.

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