segmented turning using seg-easy sled and wedgies

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I want to get into segmented turning so i am planning on buying seg easy wedges and making a sled to use on table saw.  for those of you who do a lot of turning segmented forms what are the most common number of pieces do i need for doing a ring? that way i know how many wedges I need to buy. or if you have a cnc in central illinois and was to give me a quote ....I already have the files needed to make. 

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Duck, I don't turn much myself, but most segmented stuff I see has 12 segments per ring, as a good compromise between maximizing material utilization and minimizing labor to build the ring. But lots of folks up the ante by creating rings with varying numbers of segments, and different colors, to make all sorts of beautiful patterns and designs.

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On 1/22/2022 at 8:13 PM, Coop said:

@duckkisser, where the heck you been bud? 

been a hard year and half since I did any wood working, painting ect.... working on house, new relationship, lost relationship, new job....hate it…quite start totally new career, had some close family members pass.....sigh.....just alot and just now feeling like working on some of the things I love. 

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