shotgun case build - need some advice

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@tperson, Coop's comment started me thinking about the inlay issues. Since the corner wraps 3 faces, the recess will need to be larger than the brass, in all 3 directions, by the same amount as the depth of the recess, won't it?

Or am I overthinking this? Please post the results of your trial run, I am very curious to see how it works.

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Slight change of plans and minimal progress:

The brass corners were delivered and their thin-ness changed our inlay plans...I expected them to be about 1/8" thick and they turned out to be <1/16" so there's no need to inlay them. Working to slightly change the profile so the corner peak (?) is inverted to fit and look better (see pics). P got the rest of the stringing done on the lid and is half-way through the other part of the case...then we ran out of stringing. UPS resupplied us Tuesday but the weather was so nice, we opted to work on the range. Laid out and marked the shooting stations last night, the low house is now wired and the trap is roughly set, the inverter comes Monday and we should be hooping traps (hopefully) mid-next week. Still need to build a hoop and program the wireless releases before we can shoot a full round...which would be more fun if the weather would cooperate (been cold and WINDY). 



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