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Was working in the shop this afternoon and thought I’d post a cheaper alternative to Stop Loss bags (but still as effective). I ordered some drink pouches off of amazon and use them to store my finishes in. You can see from the picture that I mixed this batch of poly/mineral spirits over a year ago, and it's still good…can you say that about the can of poly you opened 2 months ago? I couldn’t, the throughput of my shop is too low. Like many hobbyists, I wasted more finish than I ever used, unless there was a specific need to use the whole can.


This is what I ordered: and will order again when I use my last one. Hope it helps, it was the best $11.78 I've spent in a long time.




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Sorry. I'm a bit late coming to this thread. Yes. I have used both the stoploss and the drink bags and both work well even though the openings are a bit small and more difficult to work with than they should be. I have also used heavy duty food storage bags. I usually double up on those and then stuff them back into the original can for easy storage and easy identification. All of these methods allow removing the excess air from the container and enable longer storage without degradation of the finish.

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