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I know this isn't related to woodworking at all, but this forum is probably 95%+ guys so I thought some of you might be interested. A few years ago I switched razors to the Philips OneBlade system and love it. I tried to find how long ago I bought it but only see some replacement blades I bought back in 2019. They don't seem to make the exact model I have anymore, but mine has the adjustable comb if you want to keep stubble.

I can't say enough how much I love this thing. The battery seems to last forever. I rarely check it and usually will charge it up if I'm going on vacation and taking it. I'm talking about charging it 2-4 times a year right now. The blades seem to last a long time and they're around $10 each. I think I've used 3-4 in the 3+ years that I've owned it. You don't need shaving cream and you can go right from a beard to smooth shave in one go.

Sorry for the completely off-topic review but thought some of you might be interested. 

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