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After ripping out our baseboard and flooring I noticed there's a gap in a couple of the rooms between the subfloor and the shared walls of our townhouse. On the exterior walls the subfloor butts up (or maybe goes under) the sole plate for the stud walls.

Is there a reason to be concerned or something I should do to fix these gaps? I'm assuming they're not structural since the house seems fine and is still standing after 50 years. Once the flooring is in the baseboards are up it will never be seen but I can't help and wonder if I shouldn't fill the gaps with spray foam.

Also, while I'm asking questions, any tips on filling gouges in the subfloor? At some point a few different spots got damaged. Not sure if I should fill them with putty or something and sand them flat before the luxury vinyl tile gets installed.


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The floor joists probably shrank some.  Assuming they are supported on the ends, everything should be fine.  Spray foam would be good if there is air infiltration there.  Use the low expanding stuff.  Too easy to make a mess with high expansion foam.

If you have anything on hand that you can spread easily, that sets up fairly hard, it should be fine to fill any big gouges.   Small gouges shouldn't matter.  I wouldn't bother to sand them.  Just screed them fairly flat with a scrap board, or putty knife.

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It seems like one side of the house has/had mortar between the block and subfloor but some pieces have crumbled away. 

On the other side there’s only one room I can see but it seems a consistent gap. 

Will pick up the low expanding foam tomorrow and something to patch any issues in the floor. Maybe some of the Durham’s Rock Hard. 

Thanks for all the advice!

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Thanks for the advice in this thread. There is a similar problem in my house now I don’t know how to solve it myself.
I have never been really good at construction work, and when I started to build my own house, I was very unsure of my own abilities. This was probably true because despite having a good house plan from, I managed to do something wrong, and now I am worried that the house will not be good. Some of the walls do not match, and I am afraid that they will just fall apart.
I tried to do something about it myself, but I have made it only worse.

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If filling the gasps work well? My friend faced a similar problem at his new house. I told him not to use the popular today's house exchange services because of the risks, but he didn't listen to me. Even the latest news about the possibility of the real estate market collapse didn't stop him from making this mistake. Can you provide a full guide on how you fixed your problem with floors in more detail? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you for your reply in advance.

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