Used Shop Fox W1849, worth the asking price?


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I have an opportunity to purchase a 3-4yr old Shop Fox W1849 2Hp resaw bandsaw (14”) with “5-6hrs of use” on it for $1500. From what understand Shop Fox is essentially identical to Grizzly, the difference being a dealer network and a (now expired) 2 year warranty. The SF bandsaw currently sells for $2339 shipped and the Griz equivalent $2140 shipped. The two hundred dollar difference is ~10% of the purchase price, so it’s worth noting. Is this a good enough deal I need to jump on it, or should I save a little and purchase new? The seller has made it clear that there won’t be any negotiation, the price is the price. I know it’s a quick turnaround, but if anyone can talk me out of it it’s you guys. I'm going to look at it at 5 tonight, so if you have any feedback that you can give quickly, it'd be much appreciated.

Before the conversation turns to 'justification'...let me say this: in my area (the woodworking equipment vacuum of southeast NE) used, quality equipment doesn't come around very often and this is the first saw I've seen in 5yrs that's setup for resawing. I'm not a production shop, just a hobbyist, but a fairly serious one and resawing happens fairly often in my shop (currently with my tablesaw)...this has the potential to save me a lot of sawdust and screwing around.  


Thanks in advance, 


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I stopped buying from Craigslist and Facebook when Ebay went to mostly 'Buy Now'.  I'll just pay a little more and get a warranty and a new ware.  Granted, warranties aren't what they used to be but I can have stuff shipped to me, I don't have to pick it up and I don't have to worry about getting screwed. Of course customer service could do that but at least I have a fighting chance and I've gotten experienced at fighting over the years. 

I just think what I would have to go through if I bought a used machine and it didn't work out or I didn't get the longevity out of the machine I expected.    

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I’d be inclined to consider it, although knowing nothing about Shop Fox and owning and enjoying my Grizz 14”. Take a good sized plank that would max out the machine and have the owner demonstrate it fo you while listening to the machine. 5-6 hours of use either means that it didn’t perform for him, he wants to get out of Woodworking, or his girlfriend is pregnant and he needs the money. 

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long story short, I didn't buy the saw Friday...the seller attempted to sell the entire lot of equipment to another guy before I got there (even though he knew when I was coming and that I was interested). Well, the other guy backed out of the package deal Saturday and he offered me the saw for the original price...I countered, significantly lower ($1k). I spent some time yesterday looking at craigslist for 14"+ bandsaws, at it appears that this 'missed opportunity' may not be an opportunity at all; there's bigger resaw bandsaws within 3hrs of me for the same (or slightly less) money. We'll see if he contacts me and accepts my new offer, stay tuned. 

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