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Thanks for the compliments.  When I checked the estimate carving time initially using the standard settings for that bit I was impatient and double the pass over which cut the time in half but that also ended up with the half as good results.  So I re carved everything with the nominal settings and it came out much better.

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Well I shut it off at night (mostly to be courteous to my neighbors) so I run it for 11-12 hours at a time.  I'm sure it will wear life of the router sooner than if it were used intermittently like a normal hand held router would be.  But at around $100 per router I figure it's not too bad.  Plus I'm not doing 3D carvings all the time.  So most of the time the projects will run a few minutes to maybe 1-2 hours max.   Ideally I would a water cooled spindle but I'm still debating on which one to get.  

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