Your Spray Area - Fixtures, Hangers, and Organization?


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I am not ready to setup the spray area yet but still, I seem to be spraying in that general area(?).  While thinking about the more formal setup I wanted to tap the brain trust for ideas.  How do you guys store your HVLP, your gun, tools, and cleaning supplies?  What do you hang your gun on?  Your hoses? Etc.?  Looking for ideas for things that area handy while spraying as well as between sessions and after clean up.

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My hvlp gets stored in my garage, it stays above freezing but will vary from 32 degrees to 80, hasn't caused any issues. I hang the hose from a hook in the same garage. My spray gun is stored in my shop. I bought the spray gun holder ( and have it screwed to the wall. After the gun is clean i just hang it on that holder. I use a magnet to keep the tip wrench and scrub brush on the holder.

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MIne is all weather dependent too. 

I had a neighbor that built show cars for a hobby who had a downdraft spray booth for spraying cars inside.  That is the ideal atmosphere, but he died, and someone bought the booth before I knew anything about his passing.  



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Cool ideas Tom, thanks.  Spraying outside is a non-starter for me.  I live where there is a near constant breeze of some level coming right off the dry desert hills.  When it isn't breezy it is actually windy :lol:.

This is why I hope to get proficient at spraying waterborne material indoors.  So far my results are at the beginner level and not really usable.  I will probably put a refresher top coat on a lot of my shop fixtures for practice. 

For now I may just add a small self with a drawer or two under it for cleaning supplies, tools, filters, and what not.

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Following to get ideas as well. Spraying outdoors here would be near impossible due to the wind that we always seem to have. Never expected so much wind in the desert, but a calm day seems to be a rarity around here. Planning for a similar spray area in my shop build so interested in the group’s suggestions.

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First would be a good fan and filter system. This is not explosion proof but 99% of what I spray is waterbased the other is either sprayed outside or in a rattle can and I don't get to concerned with that.

I have a 16" sq that clears the room very quickly (FWIW that filter has since been changed LOL)

I use furnace filters to draw air in from the shop and they are on both sides of the wall. The holders are made from 3/4" and 1/2" BB. The top filter is over the hvac return vent and just slips on the typical metal vent

I also have the thick paper on the floor you can see it in the vent pic. FWIW don't use that tape LOL its a bi$%^ to remove, thats what I get for being cheap :)




The other pic shows that how I keep My Fuji MM in the adjoining room and just have a 2" piece of PVC I use as conduit. This really helps on the noise and also keeps the filters cleaner longer. I just have a rag shoved in the open space.


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