Mobile base for 24" bandsaw

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The HTC work stand made all the difference in using the little bandsaw.  When the piece moved before, it screwed up the blade guide alignment.  I ended up fiddling with it for a good while today, and finally figured out one side of that blade had been damaged too.  With a new Bosch blade, and what I learned about alignment, it's playing out of its league now.

The guide alignment is much more aggravating than a woodworking bandsaw, because the guides twist the blade almost 45 degrees coming off one wheel, and going back on the other one.  That's the way it gets clearance over what it's cutting.

The stand has a crank handle that is only has threads on the end of it.  When I was putting it together, I was not impressed.  But using it changed my opinion.  It works great.  The shaft that the roller is mounted to is tapered.  You can set it some too high, and when you ease out on the crank, it lowers.  You can stop it exactly where you want it by tightening the crank.

I use concrete screeds for alignment when a level is not long enough.  For welding, angles don't have to be as perfect as assembling woodwork.

The little piece is what I can cut off to even up an old rusty end.

The old building had a pile of metal beside it when we first got it 42 years ago.  I finally killed all the Blackberries, and various other vines growing on it, and it's finally disappeared.  The metal accumulation  is bigger than it looks in this picture.  Fortunately, it's all thick enough that what has rusted away still leaves plenty of good metal for anything I need.  There is a lot of angle iron, and channel under what you see here.

I cut out the pieces for the mobile bases for the drill press, and big bandsaw this afternoon.  I hope I can stick them together tomorrow with my hot melt glue gun.







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I'm pretty sure it's not that high.  Lowest is 22", so it can't be double that.  I think they do make taller ones.  I've used the fold up ones for years with woodworking tools, but this is a much better design.

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I used the folding stands today beside the drill press to drill some holes for the casters.   I'm ready to give them away after using the short HTC one with the little horizontal bandsaw.  If I had somewhere to keep them, I'd get a couple of these taller ones.


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I finished cutting out all the pieces this morning, and welded up the one for the drill press.  I bought that SCT to clean them up so I could paint them, but I've decided I like a speckled axe best, and they will be Rat Rod mobile bases.




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The metal plate came yesterday, so I finished putting it together this morning.

I used the winding stick sighting method to make sure the sides were in alignment with each other before welding the plate on.  Then it was all staged on a flat part of the floor, and clearance underneath evened up with a feeler wedge, and wedges to hold it up.

It rolls so easily that one lock needed to be locked just sitting on the floor.

The one mistake I made was not allowing for the two levers on the swiveling casters.  There is one to lock, and one to unlock.  I didn't figure in enough clearance for the unlock lever on one side, so had to grind a small part of the corner of the plate off.

I'm going to see if the bandsaw will sit on it after lunch.  I'm not going to take time to paint it now.  I need to use that bandsaw for the porch handrails on the rental house.  A rental agent came begging, and said they can rent it weekly as soon as I get it ready.







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It not only fits, but it's the easiest to move of any tool I have on a mobile base, which is more than a few.  It started raining, so I had to scramble around to get stuff in out of the weather, and didn't take any more pictures.

The way this house is built, I can lift the bandsaw inside, but don't have enough room to carry it outside under the door opening.




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I'm anxious to get to work with it, but for now I had to put everything up and wait for a couple of days of rain to pass.

I'll start two different shop additions as soon as we get the rental going.  There is no walking room in this one when the tractor and mower are in there.  I have to walk across the Bushog.  It was good to have somewhere to put the trashcan.  There are toolboxes between the front tires, and the loader bucket.  I have to set the bucket down behind those toolboxes to be able to close the door behind the mower.




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