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I’ve worked decades in a noise hazard environment (aircraft maintenance) and I always used the foamy 3M EAR plugs. Put them in first thing and wore them all day. I continue that practice in the shop or while doing any other loud activities like mowing the lawn. Plugs are light and aren’t sweaty in the summer.  

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I've never been able to get into the habit of wearing ear plugs, but they're definitely the safer option/combo. I have two sets of earmuffs in the shop: a pair of 3M Peltors, and some ClearArmor branded shooting earmuffs. The ClearArmor are lighter than the 3Ms, but their pads are more rigid and don't always conform as well around chunky safety glasses.

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I just ordered a pair of IsoTunes Free. I had bought a pair of their wired earbuds (wire between the two ear buds) but they would always get snagged on my shirt or something and were frustrating. Also have a set of 3M worktunes that I occasionally use, but I’ve never found earmuffs to be comfortable or effective with eye protection on. 

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