Nice Metal Strapping Tool

Tom King

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Using my new to me method of mounting yard hydrants, I needed a way to bind the hydrant post to the 2" galvanized pipe support.  I didn't want loose stuff sticking out for kids to get scratched on, so I found this.  I bought the cheap Chinese copy tool off Amazon.  I like it.  I probably could have borrowed some regular steel strapping tools, but I wanted stainless steel.





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Here's the tool I bought.  I'm sure it's a Chinese copy, but I wasn't paying three times that price for one, and couldn't come up with a better way to do it.  I bought the thickest 5/8 stainless strap.  The clips are more expensive than it seems like they should be, but these days especially, you have to pay to play.

The black handle is a cam that holds the strap against the pull by screwing the handle.  The little chrome curved handle cuts it just the right length after you get the strap as tight as you should.  You have to back off the screw handle some as you bend it back.  Beyond that, it looks more complicated than it is.  I like it.

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When you close the handle, it opens a drain hole at the bottom, but above the stopper to let the water drain out of the riser tube.  You have to provide somewhere for that water to go in the ground.  Here, we have to bury one foot deep, but the ground never freezes that deep.  Some places require very deep drains.

With a trench in sandy soil, I thought it needed more support than the surrounding disturbed ground.

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