Harvey G700 Dust Processor


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John, first of all , congrats!

I’d rather hear it from you as it’s easier than researching it. Is all of the dust contained within the unit or are there other receptacles? That’s a big time jump from the HF! 

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Thanks Coop! 
It has a dust bin inside the unit.

This part opens up


Opens by turning these two knurled knobs. They have a rubber bumpers that turn into feet as the panel rotates down.


Then you can access the latch that lifts up the bin to seal it.


And finally the dust bin rolls out on guides built into the bottom of the unit and the dust bin door.


Hard to see but there’s a wheel in that shadow that rides on the metal track. 

The dust bin itself is surprisingly heavy and solidly built, maybe to reduce noise. It actually has two compartments, one large and one small. Don’t quote me but I think the smaller one is supposed to catch the extra fine dust and the bigger is for coarser dust/chips. 

The two red knobs on the top right of the unit are the filter cleaners, similar to what several cyclone units have. There are two cleanout caps at the bottom on the right end of the unit to remove whatever is knocked loose by the filter cleaners. My one ding against the unit so far is that these cleanout caps and the housing that they attach to are pretty cheap feeling plastic. They don’t match the quality and feel of the rest of the machine. 

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Curious how the performance of this unit is. I recently upgraded from my Hammer A31 to a Minimax FS 41 ES and may want to upgrade my DC setup soon as I am not necessarily in love with my 2HP Jet Cyclone I have. Curious if this would be up to the task of a 16" jointer / planer that is capable of taking a healthy bite into the pieces I run through it. Also curious how mobile this is as I do not leave my unit stationary. 

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