4 years in the making

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I had to redo the trim around one window were the cedar had rotted.i bought a sheet of $50 BC plywood to rebuild window boxes birds had destroyed on the inside. Paint even with my contractors discount is still $70  a gallon



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I spent a lot of time priming and painting the window and door trim. I had to redo the two sides and bottom of cedar trim on a bathroom window. The top was excellent but the bottom was slowly rotting( in shade). The first sign was ants. The trim on the back door has a rot spot on the bottom due to rain hitting the deck and splashing it underneath. This will get plastic trim as a replacement. The flower boxes were made from 3/4 and 1/2 MDO, but over time and a lack of replacement paint I'm redoing a couple from birds. I found two dead birds behind the boxes. There is a 3/4 Gap behind the box next to the stucco to allow for air movement. I guess I'll have to close it off a bit to stop birds from being trapped behind. Cedar newel posts I had to repair. They will eventually get replaced, but not this year








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I'm probably going to have to add some trim at the bottom. Right now it has the appearance of being top heavy..


I'm either going to put a Bama elephant  on the top or just use it to put a plant on in the summer

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