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My boys girlfriend once lived  with us and like to put the wrag over er r the countertop edge and eventually ate at the polyurethane. I used early American  stain  and poly.Hopefully I can get it resealed. I'll have to sand the brown from being wet. 






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I little sanding with some 120 to break any peeling spots and a little stain. When I stain I let it sit wet till it gets gummy and gives me a chance to work the color depth I want. With Miniwax you really want it to let it sit and penetrate before you wipe off.  This is common mistake with Miniwax users




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On 7/12/2022 at 7:36 PM, wtnhighlander said:

Does that spray poly have much smell? I need to do similar repairs, but my wife is very sensitive to odors.

I think it does when I have used it. I switched from Minwax to Deft and while I prefer the finish its even worse for smell.

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It does smell and the wife is home on Wednesdays, so I'll tape and spray Thursday morning after she leaves and before I go fishing. According to the can my fishing may be spoiled as it needs be resprayed in two hours or wait 72hrs  for the next coat. Maybe I'll just fish Friday

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After a little time I'm impressed with the Miniwax can spray. The older finish is I belive a semi gloss and I'm much happier with the finish on the repair. I belive I'll tape off and spray the entire wood edge..

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Around the neighborhood....


Next door neighbor  has painted her shaker cabinets. Around the corner they have replaced their cabinets. Many house in the 1998-2002 built range.  I guess there are three cames.

#1... new cabinets

#2...paint cabinets

#3 repair cabinets,

#4.upgrade cabinets...

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My Wife did the ones in a rental house.  They had caked on gunk.  She tried everything to clean them with, and finally settled on Krud Kutter.  She just touched them up with Restore-A-Finish.  I didn't bother to take in all the details.

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