Routing Grooves in Coasters


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I am going to make some 4inch square coasters for Christmas presents. I have some circular wooden coasters that I bought somewhere that contain circular concentric grooves. The grooves seem to help reduce the vacuum effect that can result in a glass getting stuck to the coaster, and I was trying to figure out how to safely add some kind of groove like this to the coasters that I make. The grooves don't necessarily need to be circular. 

Has anyone done this before? If so, how did you proceed? 

At this point it seems like I just need some appropriately sized routing templates with a small plunge router and some way to stabilize the coaster during the routing. Since I don't have templates and only have a very large plunge router, I was really hoping to find a way to do this on the router table. 



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I would make the templates for each size circle or shape that you need.  Secure the coaster to the bench top with double stick tape.  From scrap, make some flat pieces the same thickness as the coaster plus your templates and tape or clamp them on the bench around the coaster to support your router while routing.   Double tape each of your templates in place in turn and rout your patterns.

I would not try to route the circles on a router table.

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The Hole saw… if you brush the finish on, it may fill in the grove. If you spray it, it might not get into the grove.


For me,  I would cut a circle out and use a router bushing and the bit of Choice in  a plunge router. Maybe a round flute..

if you like I’ll put a 3 e/4 hole saw in this afternoon and we will see what it looks like…


another option..



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Here’s how I look at woodworking processes..

After years working for companies who are no stranger to spending money on tools and machines to create and save money on jobs, I’ll look at what its creating and  try and find away to create it even if it requires more labor and time. 

process is A, B , C…….


Your only  limited by your imagination…

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