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Hello, First time posting here since the old forums, I have recently designed a desk, and being my first piece that I've designed 100% I was hoping I could get some input on it.

Attached is a screenshot of the sketchup model, It is going to be all quarter sawn walnut veneer with ebonized walnut (and some gaboon ebony for the smaller parts) the top will be a half starburst out of the same veneer.

Looking forward to hearing your

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Looks like a very challenging project. I hope you've got a vacuum press somewhere handy. Otherwise, this site seems to be the definitive guide.

Overall it seems a nice piece. A bit too dark for my own tastes, but if the room gets plenty of light, it'll look fine.

Perhaps I would increase the ebonised banding on the flat part of the side to match the thickness of the curved door at the top?

We expect photos of the WIP, you have been warned... :rolleyes:


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For the inlay and accent pieces I would definitely suggest a lighter material for at least some of it. For instance, it looks like you have some stringing around the top that would look really nice in maple or holly. The reason for this suggestion is that with so much dark color, it's going to be very difficult to pick up shadows even in a fairly well lit room. From further away, some of the curves and shape might get lost. That's why I like lighter stringing on walnut, as it can accentuate lines and curves even in the absence of good shadow lines. I would also reiterate the comments on the height - even 32" seems a bit high to me. You might be able to scale down the drawer height a bit if you're concerned about leg room, often a top desk drawer only needs to be 3-4" high. I too look forward to seeing the work in progress - this is a lot of veenering!

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I'm pretty stuck on the ebony/ebonized wood for the accents, and the veneer (quartersawn walnut) is also set in stone, have a book of it on it's way to me at the moment. the top will have a half sunburst/herringbone combination. the drawer is only 4 inches if I do recall

I'll keep you posted each step of the way, I should be getting a start on it tomorrow. just have to finish spraying my current project.

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I just wanted to add that I built a desk last year that did not turn out. The reason was the drawer was too tall, the desk just was not comfortable at all, to much space between the top of the leg and the top of the desk. I finished it and it ended up being a hall table. Just a word to the wise.

Bois had a great little video on his blog about using foam sheets to build a mock up. I haven't tried this yet but perhaps with a project as complex as this it may not be a bad idea. Not sure how the curves would work though. I would definitely do a mock up of some sort. I draw all of my projects in sketchup before construction but I have started building mock ups, they are a life saver.

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