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No idea what Marketolaxe is, but just i5 or just i7 is not enough info. In general i7 will be more powerful than i5 processors, but poorly spec’d motherboard, ram, hard drive, gpu can negate the processor benefit. There are also some lemon processors out there, and in some cases an i5 might be just as good as the i7 in practical terms. 

ecabinets does not use multiple cores, so you might see less benefit from a high end processor if that is your main use for the computer. 

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The eCabinet Systems software requires both a robust computer system and a fast, compatible graphics card. The Recommended System below details the current recommended system, balancing cost & performance. 

We may, from time to time, make changes in the system recommended as both the computer offerings and our software requirements change.

Recommended Desktop Systems (April 2021):

  • Intel® Core™ i5, Core™ i7, Core™ i9 or Xeon E5 Processor at 3.0Ghz (or faster) 
  • Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit 
  • 16GB DDR3 or DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB SSD Hard Drive 
  • 5GB nVidia Quadro P2200 Graphics Card 
  • 19" (or bigger) Monitor 
  • Integrated Ethernet 
  • Two-button mouse w/Scroll 
  • Broadband Internet Access 
  • Microsoft Office Home and Business

Minimum Requirements:

  • 3.0GHz Intel or AMD Processor 
  • 1GB nVidia GeForce or ATI Radeon series dedicated video card 
  • Windows 7 32-bit (eCabinet Systems recommends Windows 10 Professional 64-bit) 
  • Note: Windows 2000, Windows 95, 98, Me, and NT 4 are NOT supported. 
  • 2GB with Windows 7 32-bit, 4GB with Windows 7 64-bit 
  • XGA (1024X768) 17" Monitor 
  • Internet Connection (either modem or broadband) 
  • Two-button mouse w/Scroll 


I ran Ecabinets before, but after  awhile you have to upgrade..

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Few laptops allow for graphics cards to be added after the fact if they didn’t have one to start. If it is using integrated graphics, there probably isn’t space or a port to install a dedicated gpu. There are some external gpus but require high speed ports. The mentioned laptop may have a thunderbolt port, but may not. 

It might run the software well enough for your purposes as-is, depending on its specs.

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My brother thinks it will run a little slower, but I’m slow anyway., He said it did not have a CD player, but everything from the military is download., When I ran it under XP it ran great, but if too many applications were open it was a problem..


Think he said it would be here Tuesday. 

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