Mostly SOLD - Nova Chucks and Other Items - Rests Still Available


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This is a Nova chuck with a set of 2" jaws and a 1" x 8TPI adapter, and the Wormwood screw accessory.  Retail is around $230.  I am asking $100, you pay shipping (flat rate medium box is about $17).



I have 2 of these and a SuperNova2, same jaws, same adapter, same Wormwood screw included with each.  If you buy all three I will pay shipping.  It is my understanding that all Nova jaws fit all Nova chucks and I have others; let's talk.


Also available is a set of 4", 6", and 10" Rockler rests with 5/8" posts.  Asking $55 which is half price.  You pay to ship.


I have live and dead centers as well but I must confess . . . I know little about turning (turns out I know even less than I thought) and setting fair prices on these things has been a chore.  If I am way off on some of these prices do not hesitate to offer an opinion. :)

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On 2/18/2023 at 6:31 PM, legenddc said:

I think I’m interested in one. Is it this kit with everything included?

And now you stumble upon the difficulty for me as a non-turner in identifying and pricing these things.  This is an older Nova chuck simply called a "Nova".  The one in your link is a G3.  They use a different type of tightening wrench, the G3 doesn't have the sealed back, and I am not including the larger jaws or the pin jaws shown in the link.

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On 2/18/2023 at 9:53 PM, BonPacific said:

I'd be interested in one of the other chucks, as well as a set of the larger jaws (can't quite tell the sizes from the picture).

The larger jaws are 50mm, 78mm and 105mm although I see them listed in metric and imperial various places.

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Supernova2 set is sold.  Two Novas and other items still available.  For the life of me I cannot tell the difference between the two models of chuck.  One person claimed the tightening/loosening direction was opposite but that turned out to be the "Lite" derivative.  All these chucks operate the same way and all Teknatool chucks take all Teknatool jaws and accessories . . . or so their website claims.

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