End Grain Bar Top Assembly Question

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Hi All - I was looking online for somewhere I can ask a question to others more experienced than me, found this forum, thought I'd give it a shot. If this is posted in the wrong area, I apologize.

I'm working on an end grain bar top project (Ambrosia Maple, Walnut & Padauk). I'm up to the point of finishing the last of the (16) panel glue ups (10.5"x23"x1.75") before running them all through the newly acquired drum sander. 

My question is, once these panels are ready to be glued together along the 23" sides and more-or-less "assemble" the top, is it advised to use dowels, biscuits or pocket screws (or a combination) along with the glue? Or would the glue by itself be sufficient? The bar top will have full framework under it other than a bit of a front overhang where people sit, so I'm not worried about excessive leverage being applied anywhere. If it matters, the top will also be finished off with that Famowood Bar Top Glaze Coat. 

I've searched a bit via Google and YouTube but haven't really found any good answers. If anybody here has some good input, I would certainly appreciate it.

Couple of pictures below showing the mocked up bar layout and the glued up panels to help you visualize what I'm doing. Thank you!



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Dowels or biscuits would assist in alignment but won’t be necessary for strength if you have it fully supported. I wouldn’t use pocket screws. 

Assuming you are having the “racing stripe” wrap around the bar top, I hope you made adjustments on the 45* section so that they will match up?


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