Wixey Tablesaw DRO - Battery Life

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On 3/21/2023 at 1:50 PM, treeslayer said:

Funny you should mention this @gee-dubas mine on my DW735 started acting up a few days ago, it would switch to MM then quit , recalibrate, work for a while then the same thing, new battery solved the problem, it was in almost 2 years 

Yeah, makes me wonder where these folks who complain about short battery life are getting their batteries(?) :huh:

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What I've heard, but cannot confirm, is that although the display may be off, a given device may still draw current, thus depleting the battery.  I've gotten into the habit of pulling the battery tray out half way to break contact.  And before someone asks, I use Duracell.  

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9 hours ago, Coop said:

Hello, my name is Coop and I put a date on everything! :ph34r: Whew! 

My dad puts his initials on everything. It drove me crazy as a kid. No one is going to steal my hockey skates, they can't stand the stink to be in the same room as them let alone put them on their feet.

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