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Unfortunately wood isnt easy to buy in Oklahoma. Used to be a wood dealer on Agnew in the "Cow Town" area where the stock yards are. that place stopped selling to people who cant buy in bulk. I did find a dealer over on 3rd near Classen really close to I-40 however they have since closed their okc shop. they were a dealer from Dallas. now its either woodcraft or get on craigslist, I found people sometimes sell lumber on the materials section there. I started recycling wood around finding dumpsters i could dive and big trash days i could loot.

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The usual answer to questions like this is "". But it looks like they came up with the same answer as you did ... Woodcraft or Texas.


Bummer. I guess there's always mail order.

-- Russ

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Thanks guys. My results looking for wood has been the same. This may be crazy but every change I get to give feed back to Lowes or Home Depot I suggest that they carry hardwoods for woodworkers. Maybe one day.

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