A Very Old Chair

Pete Bennett

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There was a recent topic posted concerning our copying of old styles or designs so I thought I'd post a shot of a piece I am working on at the moment. It is at the final construction stage prior to finish sanding etc. It was intended to gild the piece but Gold leaf has rocketed so it will be finished in Gold Paste. (Solid Gold flakes suspended in a medium) It will also be upholstered in Black Velvet.

post-1421-0-70399000-1302199065_thumb.jp It is constructed in Oak and has so far taken 45 Hours all by hand. I apologize for the quality of the pics but I only have a cheapy digital camera.

I had issues with the short grains strength of the back legs in particular so have reinforced all four legs internally with Brass and so far there is no problem in sitting on it.


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