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Miter saw arm deflection

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So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm suddenly looking for a miter saw. Trouble is, it seems that on every one that I've looked at, even the tiniest bit of pressure side to side on the handle will cause the blade to deflect a bit. coming from more of a machinist background, I tend to be a little overly picky about these things, but it seems to me that this is a bad thing.

Does anyone else notice it, and/or does it seem to make any real difference? My thinking has always been that it would be good enough for framing, where "close" is usually good enough, but then again, you would also use it for molding, where you would want the angles to be dead-on, especially for a compound miter.

Any thoughts or recommendations on this, or is it all in my head?

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I really haven't had any problems with my DeWalt 12". Although, I'd love to have a legitimate excuse to buy that new Bosch.

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I heard a while back that sliders were more sloppy than CMS without a slide. That's why I got a 12" non-slide DeWalt. I haven't noticed any trouble with deflection. Several people here have said that recent sliders (and now "extenders") don't have any significant slop. If you are using a sharp blade and not doing anything weird, there shouldn't be any sideways force, anyway.

Maybe you've been looking at floor models where little kids have been swinging on the handles for hours.

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I have a 12" Dewalt slidding miter saw thats 15 yrs old and I don't have any problems cuts are glass smooth I use an 80 tooth Feud blade. But I sure like the fact that the Bosch doesn't need so much room behind the saw It looks like a great saw If the old Dewalt ever croaks god forbid I would look seriosly at the Bosch.

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I noticed that the motor/blade deflects, on all the scms's at the box store a while ago. A real turn off.

I have a radial arm saw, and see no advantage in buying a scms. I also have a non sliding 10" ms, which I can bring into the house if doing moulding.

Can't do dados on a slider! As well as a bunch of other cuts.

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