Thinning Spar varnish?


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If you live in California, anything anyone says here might not be correct.

None of the solvents and thinners sold in California are worth the cans they come in.

So before you start finishing, make sure it is from another state.

You will be terribly disappointed if you find out later, you bought the new formulations sold for California.

Mineral spirits sold in California and not even close to mineral spirits used in Arizona.

Take all the advice and consider the source of the information.

California has ruined the finishing industry, as the whole of the US is slowly jumping on board, so buy it all while you can.

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Only thing I would add (particularly if it's finishing for exterior use) is that while thinning can make application easier it also leaves you with very thin films per coat.  What this means is that you'll need to apply more coats to get adequate UV protection, otherwise it will likely fail within a season or so. 


If it's for interior; wipe away :-) 


I personally still prefer brush application for varnish, but I am a little weird :P  

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