A wee bit of temporary failure

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Learning from failures is good for all of us, right?

I'm using SPF - pine, probably - to build the Adirondack chair. Conifers work pretty well as outside woods, since the soft woods can expand/contract without splitting. Between a 6" bandsaw, 12" planer, and a tablesaw, I'm cutting down Home Depot plain old lumber last night to get the cut list together.

My planer sits on the floor, as it's a small shop, and I need to be able to store it. I swing around the 2x12" piece - the big one - and misjudge it right into the side of my kneecap. I stand up really quickly - basement shop - and put my head directly into a lightbulb, which shatters down over me. I'm standing there trying to figure out if I'm bleeding... and the planer stops, and won't restart. Meanwhile, the dust collector in the next room overflowed.

God, Buddha, Vishnu, and Ronnie James Dio - whoever it is you believe in - have officially told me I'd had enough for the night.

Plus side? After reading the manual today for the Grizzly planer, I realized there's an overheat button that I tripped, and the planer's just fine. I didn't cut myself on the bulb, and my knee will be just fine... tomorrow or the next day. Just thought I'd share.

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That's an easy one Dean. It has to do with fluctuations in the universal Murphy field - my pet theory, though I don't think I'll win a Nobel - perhaps an Ignobel.

Can happen occasionally, but if it becomes persistent you may have developed a personal Murphy field.

I have one myself, the cure is usually to go and "do something else"TM, hopefully in an open space, where there are no sharp objects. I walk the dog - he likes Murphy.


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Glad there was no lasting damage (except the light blub) and yeah I've done that kind of thing too. Glad the story didn't include firefighters, paramedics, or other related emergency personnel... ;)

I like to refer to days like that as a "cascade failure" as the problems just start cascading down.

That's when I just hit the off button and walk away. Herb tea often soothes my nerves afterwards but something something a bit stronger is needed.

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I used Home Depot pine as well. I had one of those days awhile back. I wanted to film from a log to a bowl. I tripped the breaker 3 times cutting the bowl blank. I broke a tool on the lathe and then the bowl itself exploded right at the end. I called it quits, watched the tape and then deleted it.

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