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Hi guys and girls,

I was using General Finishes Arm-R-Seal and latex gloves last night on a project I'm finishing. The gloves were some I found on my shelves that I bought a while ago and I'm not sure about their origin suffice to say they are labelled "made from latex ideal for painting and other jobs around the home".

I was half way through applying finish and I found that that the glove holding my applicator pad was disintegrating. I stopped and changed gloves and continued. Then I noticed that the new gloves seemed to be blistering. I normally use "surgical" gloves of unknown brand and material but have run out hence using the latex ones.

The finish on the project was not affected fortunately.

What brand or type of gloves do you people use?


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I generally have 2 or 3 pairs of heavy duty painter's gloves. I'll usually use acetone or something to clean them with if needed - usually after using stains. Not sure of the brand, but they're several times thicker than the latex gloves. I've not had any issues with mineral spirits, acetone, poly, shellac or stains. The only thing they don't hold up to well is CA glue.

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I concur with all those that State Nitril Gloves... With the chance of developing a Latex sensitivity. I use Nitril

My wife is allergic to latex now, partially from working on a medical research lab for 7 years and wearing gloves daily (taking gloves on and off everyday will also wear on your rings).

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