Want to start carving, but where to start?

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So, I'm ready to add something to my woodworking, and want to start carving. I've looked at some of the books, DVDs, and classes, but not sure of the most effective place to start.

Highland has a class in November. http://www.highlandwoodworking.com/reliefcarvingforbeginnerssabihamujtaba.aspx

Has anyone taken this?

First thing will to build a carving bench, which I haven't needed up to now.



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What kind of carving attracts you?

I haven't taken that class, I took two very basic carving classes at Woodcraft, one with gouges and one with knives. The most information I've gotten has been through reading books by Chris Pye. IMO, the best advice he gives is to buy a very basic selection of tools, and only add to them as you need for individual projects. He has some very good information on his website for free.


I purchased a set of plans from this guy for a carving bench, but haven't built it yet.


Lee Valley sells a carving bench that operates similarly, but for much more money. But on the other hand, it should be very sturdy.


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get a good system lee valley has a decent carvery system that is like dremil but better mottor in fact i dont care for the small machines like dremil because they tend to burn the motor out. go big and right the first time http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?p=65681&cat=1,130,43409,43410&ap=1




but there are alot of things you can do with the power carver system and burrs

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