Drawer and drawer slide jig ideas?

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I just cut spacers from scap plywood that the slide can sit on as I position the slide front to back. I also like to figure every thing fom a center line it's just less confuseing for me. I've never used a store bought jig but i'm sure they work great I'm just to cheap to splurge for something I can make in 2 minutes at the table saw for the price of a piece of scrap out of the bin.

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I hate to give you an answer that's not an answer, but the jigs really depend on what kind of slides you are installing. There are different kinds of slides that require different mounting positions. You need to understand what slide you are using first. I actually bought the slides and had them in hand then made the jig to the installion instructions.

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Thanks everyone! You all pretty much read my mind. I too am inclined to make my own jigs if I have the necessary material laying around. I was thinking about getting one of the slides I'll be using and somehow incorporate that into a fixture of some sort that will allow the slide itself to rest where it will be positioned. Beechwood, I'm going to check out Marc's video right now, thanks!

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