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Had a horrible time with my first set of front and side legs. First, the lockdown on my router edge guide slipped/loosened while I was routing the mortises. Ended up having some odd shaped mortises. I cleaned them up, but they were awfully wide. Then I somehow made an extra set of mortises on the front legs. I don't know what I was thinking because everything was marked on the correct faces.

My next fiasco occurred on the side legs. Trying to create tenons to match the mortises was a royal pain in the a**. I persevered and got them to mostly fit. One tenon is a bit too loose, the other fits fine but won't seat all the way. That has me stumped as I back cut (or is undercut) the area near the shoulder. I know the tenon is not too long because that it what I initially thought so I trimmed them down. Seats at the same place. Further attempts to fix just made things worse.

So, I bought a Jet mortise machine and started over. After some "DOH!" moments with the machine, I am happy to say that everything looks like it's moving forward. I am at the point of fitting the tenons. They are just a few hairs to thick, but so far everything looks good.


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