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I'm relatively new to woodworking. A friend of mine recently bought a new house, and it had a fairly old Rainbow play-set in the back yard that he does not want/need. We dismantled it, and I am now the proud owner of a stack of wood. I believe it to be primarily redwood/cedar.

So far I've had some success turning this:


Here are some more pictures of the rest of the stash:

So given all of the holes that go straight through the wood, any thoughts or ideas on what I can make with this? I'm looking mostly towards outdoor projects since the wood is redwood/cedar. I've made a couple adirondack chairs so I could probably make a few more of those with some alterations.

Any thoughts or guidance about different ways to work around all the holes? Some are simple screw holes, but others held heavy duty bolts and are quite wide. I figure at the very least this will give me a lot of practice milling wood. I already ran one washer through the table saw which luckily didn't cost me a blade (or maybe unluckily since in the future it could be a finger? :P )

Thanks in advance.

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i say run with the holes and make more of them pretend that you did it intentionly or just be show off that you reclamed the wood and this is the proof. i made a picture frame that had bunch of holes in it so i added more holes all the way and filled it with dowel rods. my dark wood now has white poka dots all the way down the board. looks good. perfect for a little kids bed room.

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