My stain turned into a syrup

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- I was putting a coat of a dark minwax stain on an oak shelf I was finishing last night and it looked perfect. When I wiped it off the bottom side of the board (after it had been on for about 5 minutes) the color was way too light so when I put it on the top side I left it on for about 15 minutes to give it more time for the color to set in. The shade was perfect but the stain had turned into syrup and wouldn't come off. I left it to dry all night but it was still a thick and sticky syrup this morning.

- I used a 2:1 combo (stain:mineral spirits)

- To try and make a hard surface on this mushy surface should I use a combo of Polyurethane and mineral spirits or should I try something with Shellac?

What do you guys think? Please help! I'm lost on this one.

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I found out the problem guys. It was just that the stain has gone bad. I took off the bad layer of stain with Mineral Spirits (following the advice of Steve from WWMM) then put on a fresh coat. Wiped it off in just a couple of minutes and left it to dry for 6 hours. It was still sticky and then was still this morning. I threw that old can away and will go get some fresh stuff this afternoon.

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