Mexican Style Wine Buffet

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while i was roofing a house i had a thought just take a chisel and open up the space a little bit and then fit in a decorative pieces of wood. then it will look like you intentionally did it. maybe put in a small piece of cherry wood or walnut to match you hinges

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From the pictures, if you had said, "Where's my mistake?" I would have been hard pressed to find it.

Agree that you could add some edging to the boards and cover it up if you really wanted to, but unless the verticals rattle when you pull out a bottle, I'd say leave it alone. It gives it a bit of a timeworn look.

Love the proportions and the way you divided it up into sections.

I'd almost say that the stiles for the doors were too thick, but not really. Those hinges add the correct balance to it all and the placement of the handles is perfect.

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I agree with Pickering...

But if you were looking for my input on how to hide the gaps, I'd say you might need to find some more brass similar to the existing hardware, and make some square stars, and fold the long points down to fit into the corner of the joints. It doesn't add stability, but it hides the gaps. The fear is that the brass square patches will dominate the piece, and you miss out on how wonderful it already is.

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" I was expecting to get some hard criticism by some seasoned wood workers, but I have been surprised by all of these awesome comments."

Fine, I'll attack. I think it's horrible. All that work and I don't see any wine in the cubbies. What's up with that?

But seriously , I would tack on matching strips of 1/8" - 1/4" wood on each horizontal. Match the color and use a pin nailer, you'll be the only one that knows.

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