Oak Frame and Walnut Splines

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Usually I make boxes instead of picture frames. Yours is great for tall stuff but when I’m making long boxes I use a sled that cradles the project in a v between the two miter slots. Wonder if I can figure out a way to add a tall fence on it to cradle tall stuff as well.

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I made a jig very much like Pbmaster's only it is about 8" deep for making splines in small boxes. I just use the fence on my saw to adjust the distance of the splines on the corners of the boxes. Yes, it will get cut up almost to the point of being useless eventually but, it is so easy to build that replacement will not be a problem.

I suppose a person could design an adjustable stop/fence on a sled that uses the miter slots for location so the blade cut through at the same spot every time but, I think that it will take longer to design and build than it is worth for no more boxes than I build.


PS. I also have a spline cutting jig just like Pbmasters for picture frames.

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ill put a pic on here but its basicly a v shaped trench suspended between two runners. and i just move my stops to the ends of the boxes so my project does no shift much. thinking ill make a biger diamond shaped fence that can be clamped onto the v shaped trench.

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