Suggestion For The Next Guild Build!


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I'd personally love to build either a Maloof rocking or sculptured chair or a Krenov cabinet. All three are up on top of my "dream builds" list.

When do you think we will find out (I understand that their is one currently on)? but i'm really looking forward to hearing about the next major build.

Keep up the good work Marc.

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At some point I'd love to see a TWW guild build on a hand tool chest. Since TWW gets into hand tools quite a bit - and a lot of folks have tight spaces to work in - a solid, efficient, yet portable tool chest (full size or traveling) is already on my personal list of builds anyway. Doesn't have to be the full-blown Schwarz Anarchist, but it would be great to get a TWW guild build on this, especially since you could tie it into the journey that hobby woodworkers like me often make as they get into hand tools as well. And like the Roubo, a tool chest is an heirloom quality build too!

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On 10/4/2012 at 10:12 PM, CessnaPilotBarry said:

I'd enjoy a smaller but detailed project... Mostly mentioned before:


- Jewelery or keepsake box

- Spice cabinet

- Tool cabinet (Wall or modified Gerstner / North Bennet Street School bench top type)

- Coffee table remote boat (only kidding...)

So this post is like 4.5 years old and CPB hasn't logged in since August but FWW is doing an online members video series on the NBSS tool chest. I just started up this week and Ben Strano said there are like 20 episodes and over 6 hours of video to come with it

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