Table saw top - refinish?

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Hello WTO'ers.

I bought a rockwell contractors table saw about a year ago... works great... need a new filler between the fence arms but that is a different story. I am moving here soon, hopefully and setting up a more permanent shop. I would like to build a cabinet stand that my saw sits on. I also want to incorporate a router table into the dead wood area...

My question to you is can i use a product to bring back the fresh shine to the table top? then put a protective coat on?

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Any product with phosphoric acid will bring the shine back. Stuff like Navel Jelly, Brasso, Top Saver rust remover (as opposed to Top Saver protectant). I have all those and used all those. If it is really dirty, use something like steel wool to work the surface with the acid on it (uhm, acid, so gloves). As soon as you remove it, protect it. Top Saver protectant or T-9 Boeshield or lots of wax will do it; benefits of the solvent-based protectants is that they soak into the porous top.

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To restore a cast iron table with a slight rust patina I'd use WD-40 and fine grit sandpaper under a ROS to remove the dirt and grunge (maybe 150 to start, working my way up) , wiping frequently with paper towel. It's tedious and takes time, but works well. Once done, I like to coat with a light layer of Boeshield T-9, buff it dry, then apply 1 to 2 coats of paste wax.

If it is heavily rusted, the propionic acid base products work well but can discolor the metal with a gray overtone, so test a spot before trying it. I've heard that Evaporust works well for removing rust without discoloring but haven't tried it personally.

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