Bandsaw fence system - shopmade or purchase production product

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I have a 14" Rigid Bandsaw... I would like to get a fence system on it...

My question to my fellow woodworkers... do you have a good set of plans, pictures, or description of a good bandsaw fence that is shop made? and/or a good recommendation to a product I can purchase (Link?)

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I've used both, though the shop made ones tend to be more purpose-made, like a really tall one for resawing wider boards. I glued and screwed, all birch ply, a fence to a base using pocket holes then added some triangle brace pieces to keep things 90-degrees. Attaching to the table was as simple as two F-style clamps on the back side of the fence holding the base to the saw's table where I wanted it.

For general purpose work, accuracy and a nice price point I'd recommend the Kreg.

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