Rockwell Contractors Table Saw question

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There should be adjustments, but it may depend on the actual model what they are. You'll want to check the blade to miter slot alignment, then the fence to blade alignment. If it's a typical full size cast iron contractor saw with table mounted trunnions, there should be 2 bolts each holding the front and rear trunnion brackets (4 bolts total). You'll need to loosen them enough to tap the whole under carriage into position....a piece of scrap wood and a rubber mallet work well. Be careful not to loosen the bolts enough to drop the under carriage from the saw top....just enough to persuade it into position. It can take several attempts of tapping, checking, repeating until you get the alignment to within ~ +/- 0.003". Then carefully tighten the bolts without losing the alignment...its best to snug each bolt a little, recheck the alignment, then work your way up to making them very tight. More fine tuning can be done with the fence on most saws.

This is a great link with some great pics and explanations. The dial indicator is a nice to have, but not can get remarkably close with a combination square if you don't have a dial indicator....just be sure to check the same tooth front and back, and hold the square firmly against the miter slot.

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